It's as simple as
Itsimple AI

AI powered bookmark manager & note taking app.

How it works

Store your thoughts, notes, photos, texts and links.
Itsimple automatically organizes them so you can find them later.

Save something you want to remember

E.g. a link, a note, an image or a text

Itsimple will automatically categorise & tag it for you

It applies natural language processing, image recognition and other tools to apply right categories and tags.

So it is easy to find it in the future

Find it even if you don't remember it exactly by typing associated words.

Take a look at our big set of features

One stop shop for collecting, organising & sharing.

It's simple with a single click

Save a page with a single click using our browser extension and Itsimple will do all the rest for you by leveraging AI to automatically tag and organise it into relevant categories.

Organise into collections

Would you like to be in control of what is stored and where - simply leverage collections to organise your cards.

Intuitive search

It's simple - just start typing what's on your mind & see results straight away. We've got you covered, Itsimple supports on the fly filtering and deep seacrh.

Share your collections

Would you like to share extra in your link in bio or maybe a list of places to visit on your next trip, it'simple - just share collection and get a permanent address to it, to link it anywhere.

No Ads

There are no ads on Itsimple. We do not sell your data to 3rd parties.

Forever free version with up to 250 cards and 3 collections.
Would like to get more? Compare available plans.